2015-01-20 PEGCITY GRUB

2015-01-20   PEGCITY GRUB

For anyone who’s a regular reader of Peg City Grub, you’ll know this is the place to learn about locally owned restaurants. Chain restaurants owned by large corporations typically don’t find space here, with a few exceptions.

And when I see a new independently owned eatery with a line up to its lunch counter on a random Monday in January, that’s a great thing... Read on

2015-01-09 FREE PRESS

2015-01-09   FREE PRESS

The votes (burp) are in.

Since 2012, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, under the guise of a faux foundation dubbed the Grilled Cheese Academy, has staged an annual competition aimed at uncovering the "tastiest and most sublime gourmet grilled cheese sandwich to ever grace plate or tempt palate." ...Read on

2014-12-10 Winnipeg Residency & Food Blog

2014-12-10   Winnipeg Residency & Food Blog

I love it when people get to know your love for food and come forth with restaurant recommendations. When off to a Jets game, my local Winnipeg foodie friend began speaking of the marvel that was King + Bannatyne... Read on

2014-12-08 The Projector

2014-12-08   The Projector

Sandwiches reign supreme at King + Bannatyne. The minimalist sandwich shop opened on Nov. 17, and is one of seven new restaurants that have opened in the Exchange District since 2014.

While King + Bannatyne is the new kid on the historic block, owner Mike Del Buono is anything but inexperienced... Read on

2014-11-28 Power Goes Out

2014-11-28   Power Goes Out

The old brick building on the southwest corner of King and Bannatyne is short and grey. It isn’t colourful like the purple restaurant across the street. It isn’t new like the tall glass towers a few streets over. It’s old and short and grey. It’s easy to miss. Inside that old and short and grey building, tucked in one corner, is King and Bannatyne, the sandwich shop. King and Bannatyne is colourful... Read on